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Elysium Chambers is a thriving chambers that has the ability in legal terms to ‘punch above its weight’.

Based on the outskirts of Chester, Elysium Chambers was formed to provide legal advice and services predominantly to direct access clients and the business community. The Chambers has grown very quickly and we now enjoyed successful and personal relationship with our clients many who retain our services on an ongoing basis.

Our main advantage has been the granting of litigation privileges which means that we can undertake all legal services provided by Solicitors, but with a more defined focus and a cost-effective rate as far as fees are concerned.


Our Services

Chambers legal services are predominantly provided by Senior Counsel Richard Gray, who is assisted by a number of qualified members of the Bar and para-legals who provide an experienced and in depth service. Chambers can also provide a high quality administrative service as it is supported by a Senior Clerk and Business Development Manager who has over thirty years corporate experience. Many clients of Chambers are introduced to us on a direct access basis and we continue to enjoy a growing and successful relationship with many Accountants together with medium to large scale businesses throughout the country and recently internationally.

Litigation Privileges

A main advantage has been the extension to Richard Gray’s Practising Certificate which now enables him to offer litigation privileges to his clients. This means that we can undertake all legal services that solicitors provide, but with a more defined focus enabling us to offer cost-effective and competitive rates in relation to fees. Cloud based case management systems allow us to offer client security and access from anywhere in the world. This allows us to update our client services at once and we can provide cloud based access to our clients in respect of their file and documents for constructive updates.

Up to date advice

In order to offer best advice and to keep us at the forefront of legislative changes, Chambers has invested heavily in online support research legal services. Where necessary, we have instructed other Counsel who has specialist contract knowledge and with whom we enjoy a constructive professional relationship which allows us strength and depth to service our clients needs

Areas of Expertise

Tax Advice

We remain at the forefront of changes in tax legislation ensuring our advice is accurate and up to date. Our expertise in taxation allows us to offer advice and solutions in all areas of taxation, including but not limited to:

  • Remuneration and Rewards planning;
  • Corporate Tax Planning;
  • Property Taxes;
  • Inheritance Tax Planning;
  • Non-Domiciled Tax Planning;
  • Asset Protection;
  • Business Acquisition and Disposal;
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning


As part of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures Elysium Chambers can offer advice on mediation in employment disputes Counsel have appeared in Employment Mediation and pre-litigation dispute resolution in the field of Employment Law. The emphasis here is on making a decision based upon factors which affect the running of a business. Litigation is time consuming and costly, especially into what employment specialists recognise as opportunity costs, such as the time taken to engage in litigation, the diversification of your resources, the attendance at the tribunal. Litigation is simply time consuming. If mediation is suitable, then Chambers can assist you in bringing about a successful and measured settlement factoring in the respective strengths of the Claim and the litigation risk as well as risk to your Company’s reputation. Mediation in workplace and employment disputes There are a number of ways in which the parties can attempt to resolve an employment dispute and reach a settlement without court or tribunal proceedings, either before or after it becomes the subject of a tribunal claim:

Technology & Construction

What are TCC claims?

Elysium Chambers have been instructed in a number of such disputes, especially in relation to construction and the sale of and provision of high value specialist goods. Our instructions have come from both Claimants and Defendants and in each case, we have offered specialist advice not only in relation to drafting the Pre-Action Protocol letters and issues of litigation but also in instructing the relevant experts and advising on the complex legal issues that have arisen. In each case, the barristers have given indirect advice in relation to the commercial impacts upon the business by whom they were instructed and advised upon compliance issues such as complex contracts to ensure the issues which have arisen do not re-occur going forward. Part of the strategy in advising business is to make them cost effective in the future and to avoid time consuming litigation. It is the time taken to deal with the issues which undermines the profit potential of the business as well as the direct costs. We believe that is where our underlying strength has been demonstrated and we have given strong advice in areas in which a business will suffer going forward.

Professional Negligence

Broadly, professional negligence occurs where a professional fails to perform his responsibilities to the required standard. A claim may be based on one or more of the following:

  • Breach of a contractual term (express or implied).
  • Breach of duty of care owed in the tort of negligence.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Breach of statutory duty.
These claims may be brought by the professional's client, but third parties may also be able to bring an action against the professional, depending on the circumstances.

In most cases, expert evidence will be required to support a claim of professional negligence.
Elysium Chambers have experience in pursuing such claims and are able with litigation privileges to instruct experts (see our public access page for the advantages of litigation privileges).

Corporate and Commercial Non -Contentious Legal Services

Ideally, we want our clients to avoid litigation all together with the associated cost and disruption to their business. Effective legal advice at the outs is the best way to do this whether, by a carefully drawn up agreement or solid face to face advice.
Elysium’s aim is to provide you and your adviser with bespoke commercial legal assistance on demand – to give expeditious service when the need arises.
Confidentiality agreements in pre-contractual negotiations for example may be what is required. By talking to them and possibly their accountant the needs of the owner is quickly identified and a suitable agreement is drafted to the client satisfaction.
Elysium Chambers has been called upon to advise in commercial areas including sale and purchase agreements, setting up PLC’s, advising on a brokerage set up and franchising agreements. Other services include drafting agreement in areas such as agency, confidentiality, consumer, franchising, general commercial, general contract and boilerplate and supply of goods and services.

Direct Access

The early involvement of counsel can bring enormous benefits to your business, both as to the strategy taken and to achieving the final result. Direct Access or Public Access has a mixed reputation at the Bar. The majority of barristers do not undertake Public Access work. Upon making a ten-minute presentation to four judges on Disruptive Tech TV’s Disruptive Pitch show at the end of last year, a public access manager at Barristers Chambers asked the 4 judges whether any of them knew that they could go directly to a barrister. Amazingly, none of them did.

At Elysium Chambers, we have invested heavily in public access services. We undertake a wide range of work from Professional Negligence, Technology and Construction, Adjudication and Judicial Review to Tax and Commercial work - both contentious and non- contentious. We are supported by people who are qualified at the Bar and who have a specialist range of knowledge and advocacy skills. Our client base is mainly accountants and medium to large businesses who want high quality advice for their clients at a proportionate fee. Richard Gray at Elysium Chambers has litigation privileges, this means we can serve and accept the service of proceedings and do everything a solicitor can, giving businesses an added advantage to those listed above of being able to serve and accept service of proceedings and instructing expert witnesses when necessary. This offers a combined legal and litigation expertise in one.

HMRC Enquiries



Mediation is a flexible, voluntary and confidential form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), in which a neutral third party assists parties to work towards a negotiated settlement of their dispute, with the parties retaining control of the decision on whether or not to settle and upon what terms.
Mediation provides a private forum in which the parties can gain a better understanding of each other's positions and work together to explore options for resolution. During the mediation, the mediator meets privately with each party to discuss the problem confidentially. This allows each party to be frank with the mediator and have a realistic look at their case in private, without fear that any weaknesses discussed will be communicated to other parties.
Most commonly, mediation is used to narrow issues in dispute, to prevent conflict from spreading, and to resolve disputes. The mediation process allows more creativity and flexibility over settlement options than the court or arbitration process.
After the opening, the mediator will have private discussions with each party to assist in the negotiating process.
Ultimately, this may result in the parties reaching a settlement that is either documented at the mediation or shortly thereafter, usually in the form of a settlement agreement. Alternatively, the parties may use the discussions at the mediation as a springboard for further settlement talks after the mediation.
Mediation does not always result in a settlement but statistics show that it has a high rate of success with 67% of cases settled on the day, with another 19% settling shortly thereafter.
Richard Gray Barrister, has conducted numerous mediations on behalf of both Claimant and Defendant clients in the field of high-value Financial Mismanagement Claims in Professional Negligence and in the field of Technology and Construction.
Given that attempt at alternative methods of dispute resolution are compulsory in proceedings brought under the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). We believe that Chambers offers an all-round service in litigating the Claims, conducting the ADR proceedings, including the drafting of position statements and drafting of settlement agreement to the satisfaction of the Client and advising upon the terms in relation to the strength of the case as a whole.
Alternatively, if you wish to appoint a Mediator to conduct proceedings then Chambers are able to facilitate such instructions.

Trust Succession Planning

Chambers has an excellent track record in Trusts and trust related disputes, both onshore and offshore, having acted for trust entities for many years.
As a fiduciary, a trustee may be presented with a particular set of difficulties and legal issues, from those relating to costs to the protection of trustees from personal liability, breaches of truestees' obligations and challenges over the administration of the Trust.
Our client base comprises international charities, trust companies, high net worth private clients, professional trustees and executors.

  • Asset protection, including ringfencing income and securing assets for future generations while maintaining control or sheltering from sideways disinheritance.
  • Disputed Wills such as allegations of undue influence and/or testamentary capacity
  • Court applications in respect of the administration of a trust/settlement or directions as to the construction of the document;
  • Beddoes applications
  • Trustees' liability for breach of trust
  • Representation of offshore trustees joined or wishing to intervene in English proceedings
  • Claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975
  • Removal of trustees from office
  • Costs
  • First Tier Tribunal (tax)


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